My Testimony

My testimony, didn’t know it at the time, goes all the way back to when I was in preschool.  I did not grow up in a Christian home, but grew up in a home where you did good and lived morally but there was no real foundation to it.  So when I went to preschool, I suppose the first one I got started in was a church preschool.  I would come home all the time saying “praise the Lord!”

My mom tells me that she changed preschools because I kept coming home saying that all of the time.  So I believe God was trying to get my attention ever since then.  It would take many more years though until I really realized that.  To be precise, about 23 years.  I can’t believe the journey that led me to that day in a Calvary Chapel church in my hometown where I heard the Gospel clear as day and walked to the front of the church during an altar call and gave my life to Jesus and understood what salvation meant.

That day was the beginning of a wonderful journey or adventure that I have been on since 2003, so that is about 11 years ago.  I learn something new every day and even when I feel like I am not growing, I can look back to the previous year and see how Jesus is transforming me as I continue to seek Him and learn to walk in His ways and to fall in love with Him.


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What’s on My Bookshelf

I can’t count how many books I have on my Kindle, and that is my bookshelf, well my virtual bookshelf.  I probably have 20-30 books in my house, but I started getting Kindle books a few years ago and haven’t turned back.  They are less clutter and it allows me to pick up reading a book wherever I am.  I can highlight, make notes, and all, with my Kindle and I love it.  I prefer reading this way.

kindle pic

I do have a paper journal, lots of them, and that’s where I write my notes and prayers and findings and thoughts and lots of stuff, but for my reading I like to stick mostly to my Kindle.  So what will you find on my bookshelf (virtual or not)?  I think seeing the books on my shelf will tell you a little about me.  You may find that what you see is a lot of learning books.  I don’t really like to read if I am not learning something.  It is very, very rare you will see me reading a book that isn’t real and that isn’t something I can learn and grow from. :)

So without further ado, here we go:

  1. Books about knowing God more.
  2. Books about being a better wife and mom.
  3. Books on parenting.
  4. Books on organizing, love, love organizing.
  5. Books on cleaning.
  6. Devotional books.
  7. Bible study books.
  8. Books about blogging.
  9. Books about food and recipes and allergies.
  10. Books on working at home.

That’s all I can think of right now.  Just a peek inside me and my Kindle.

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Menu Plan Monday 6-2-14



I love joining in with I’m an Organizing Junkie with Menu Plan Monday.  You can surely get lost in her site and all of the sharing and ideas and meals and foods, oh and organizing info, yes indeed you can!

I am sharing our meal ideas for our first week of summer here.  There are definitely allergy friendly meals here as well as some that may not be.  I am enjoying (even though its only Monday) not making 3 lunches every morning.  Oh it’s the little things :)

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip which I used Musings of a Housewife recipe because it is by far the yummiest I have had to date.  I do a few things different like I don’t use the blue cheese anything and only use the kind of cheese I have on hand, it is all super tasty!  I probably use a little less ranch and hot sauce than the recipe calls for, but its to your preference of what you like.  This recipe is gluten free if you get the sauces that are gluten free.  I use Frank’s Buffalo Sauce.
  • Steaks on the grill with potatoes and steamed Brussels sprouts.
  • Pork chops baked with seasonings on them with jasmine rice (in our rice cooker) and steamed broccoli.
  • Honey glazed chicken wings, which I have shared before and said they were a favorite, so that’s why we’re having them again this week :)
  • Shrimp something.  See I bought shrimp, but really have no idea what I am going to make with it.  Pinterest is full of great ideas from cheese grits and shrimp to baked shrimp, or I may just do my usual and make shrimp stir-fry using whatever veggies I have on hand and eat it over rice.

There may be a breakfast for dinner kind of night, a leftover kind of night or maybe even a fend for yourself kind of night.  Keeping it simple.

So I did say I would mention some lunches that I would have for this week.  SO…here are a few ideas:

  • Tuna Salad with tortilla chips (make my own tuna salad with tuna, mayo, mustard, relish, onion flakes, salt, pepper and lemon juice, you can also use salmon).
  • Sliced honey ham with sweet potato fries.
  • Homemade pizzas on hamburger buns halved, with pizza sauce and cheese.  You can use Udi’s Gluten Free buns or you can use the white sandwich bread (which I use).
  • Salmon Nuggets, which I will have to share this recipe with you but I made it up from trying to make fish croquets for my son but without eggs.  So I use can salmon (not drained), GF corn meal, salt and pepper and I make little nuggets or balls-they kind of look like hush puppies- and fry them in canola oil until they are golden brown.  I will add this to a post of its own in some recipes with pictures so you can get an idea.
  • Brown rice pasta with spaghetti sauce.

Lots of strawberries, grapes, watermelon, peaches (canned) too.

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Summer Time Kids Lunches-Allergy Friendly too

School is out for the summer!  I am excited about that.  At first I was excited I didn’t have to make three lunches each morning.  Then after school yesterday-the last day of school-I realized I still had to feed them :) So that means I still have to prepare lunches, they are just not going to be made early in the morning and put into lunch boxes.

So my grocery shopping for the week will include some things that do not have to go in a lunch box, perhaps even take advantage of having leftovers for dinner.  I am searching pinterest and my binder of recipes for ideas of what I can make this week for lunches and dinners.  Things that perhaps will save some money and also that will not include going out to eat.  I wonder how long I could go without resorting to fast food or eating out?  hmm.

So I am going to be working on these things, will make my grocery trip this weekend and on my Menu Plan Monday post I will be posting about what I am making and include the lunches and things too.  These things will be all allergen free, well at least without gluten and nuts, but some without dairy, eggs and milk too!

Last week I tried to make a good money saving decision and instead of buying boxes of cookies that go away in like two days, I bought a mix for cookies for like $2.00 and was going to make those (which makes 48 or more cookies) and then have those stretch throughout the week.  Well…that didn’t happen.  I still have the package sitting in the pantry and have not made them.  So that would be a little money wasted because not only did I not make cookies and they didn’t have cookies to choose from this week, they also ate other things more abundantly since they DIDN’T have cookies.  Lesson learned.  Sometimes the easy way out thought is not really the easy way out.

Off to make my grocery list.  Enjoy your weekend.  If you have any lunch ideas that are allergen friendly, please share away in the comments because I am always looking for more ideas.  You can visit me on pinterest to find some of my boards with meals I am making as well.

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Tips for Cooking with Food Allergies

Finding out we had food allergies did bring a lot of fear along with it, but my persistent “I’m going to figure out a way to make this work” attitude did help, and lots of prayer.  So how I started was with basics.  I started with finding the few things I knew were okay to eat and then built from there.  Finding new things to go together and new flavors.

We do eat a lot of rice.  I know when our 2nd boy was a few years old an allergy test did reveal he was not allergic to rice anymore.  So we have a rice cooker and always have rice ready.  Lots of rice and potatoes were some of the staples as we started.

cooking tips

Finding ONE INGREDIENT or SINGLE INGREDIENT foods were a big help.  That is also how I started out on my gluten free journey more than 2 years ago, but that’s for another day and another post.

That is the best way to not get confused, with having to read labels and learning what has what, its a huge learning process.  SO starting out simply was the best way, and is the best way to start.

It also helps to start out with favorite foods.  So find the families favorite foods, and hopefully there are a few that are SINGLE ingredient foods, so that there is no resentment or feeling bad because they can’t have something.

Those are some ideas for now.

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Menu Plan Monday 5-26-14

MPM-Spring menu plan monday pic


No special theme this week for our menu plan, but I am sharing what I have and what we are doing.  I haven’t had a real thought out meal plan in a while.  I am needing some fresh motivation to find some new ideas and change things up a bit.  That is always fun.  So here we go-no special days because really I go more by what we are feeling like that day rather than picking a day for a special meal.

  1. Honey Glazed Chicken Wings-found this recipe on a whim and it has become a favorite of me and my husband.
  2. Tacos and all the fixings-with my own Taco Seasoning I make.  (1 tablespoon chili powder, 2 teaspoons ground cumin, 1/2 teaspoon paprika, 1/4 teaspoon onion powder, 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper and 1 teaspoon of salt).
  3. Baked pork chops-just baked with salt, pepper and McCormick Grill Seasoning
  4. Skillet potatoes with onions that I found on here on Pinterest and adapted my own way (adding onions, minus some seasonings and no cheese)
  5. Chicken breasts-not sure what I am going to do with them?
  6. Alexia Sweet potato fries, ham and brussel sprouts.

That is all.  I am sure there may be a fend for yourself night or a breakfast for dinner night if we need.  That’s what’s on the menu this week.

I am joining with I’m an Organizing Junkie with this Menu Plan Monday!

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Adapting to Food Allergies in our Children

So I am telling my story.  Since this is my new blog I wanted to give a little taste of my life and what I am writing about, or at least this aspect of it, for you to understand where I am coming from and to know me a little.  Last time I wrote I was talking about how our 1st boy was diagnosed with food allergies, on accident.  So over those first several years we got really good at avoiding peanuts or nuts wherever we were.

We then got pregnant with our 2nd boy and when he was born it wasn’t but a few weeks later that he started having this rash.  It almost was like cradle cap, or so I thought, but it went on his cheeks and forehead, it was kind of a mess.  So I was doing things to treat cradle cap and researching what it could be that was causing it.  Then one day my friend, who’s kids also had food allergies, mentioned to me if I thought it may be eczema and not cradle cap.  That’s when I started researching that.  I know I had been eating a LOT of egg salad at the time.  So I ended up reading about elimination diets, and over the next weeks and months I went on many.  The main one I tried was eating 7 foods only to see if that cleared it up.

I ate zucchini, squash, chicken, turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and used olive oil, salt and pepper.  And that was it.  Well it didn’t seem to help much.  So off to the allergist we went at a few months old.  Skin prick testing revealed eggs and wheat and nuts and milk, and also rice.  I can’t remember the other things we got him tested for, but we had several trips over the first year of his life and had different skin tests each time.

adapting to food allergies2

They would basically test for anything I asked.  Well his eczema and itching was crazy, and I was nursing, and I was trying to avoid these foods so that what I ate didn’t bother him.  The things that I kept eating that eventually we found out he was allergic to was little bits of wheat and also CHICKEN.  So even in my elimination diets I had eaten chicken, and didn’t know he was allergic.

So now we have 9+ years experience dealing with multiple food alleriges.  The main ones that we avoid now are nuts, peanuts, eggs, chicken, milk, and wheat.  We have had blood tests and we have had skin testing.  I still want to know if there are more things he is allergic to that I have not had him tested for.  I just haven’t done that yet.  Daily allergies to environment and mild asthma we also deal with and are learning about.  Hoping and praying it heals and is grown out of, until then, we press on and learn to adapt.

I love finding new foods and ideas and meal plans that make our meals delicious but avoid those main allergens.  That is what I love to chat about, and there aren’t very many people in everyday life in my town that I can talk to that understand what it is like to adapt to multiple food allergies.  Thankful for the internet and connecting with others that do know what it is like.

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Finding out we had Food Allergies

To continue with what I had mentioned in the last post about how food allergies nearly swept us off our feet, here I am.  This is about the first time we found out we had food allergies.  I was a first time mom and I really wasn’t familiar with food allergies at all.  Our first boy was 8 months old and was in his highchair hanging out with us while we cooked.  He was fussy so he was given a jar of peanut butter from the refrigerator to gnaw on-since he was teething.  It wasn’t long after that we started noticing hives around his mouth.  We really didn’t know what it was.

food allergy pic2

So I called the pediatrician and spoke with a nurse. She let me know that this was probably an allergic reaction and that I needed to first go and wash the exposed area with soap and water really good since the peanut butter is so oily.  Then I needed to go to the pharmacy and get Benadryl.  And let me just say ya’ll, this is how clueless I was.  I did not know what that was and even had to ask the pharmacist where to find it when we went into the store. So we got it, gave it to him, and avoided peanuts and that was it.  It wasn’t until he was around 4 or 5 years old before we saw an allergist.  And that came with what happened with our second boy, which I will go into in the next post.  It is such a learning process and so much to know and to avoid, it can be scary, but to learn the most you can will really help. More later…

Kids with Food Allergies in Your Family?

Do you have any kids in your family with food allergies? I know I do, but it was such an experience going from knowing absolutely nothing about food allergies, to having to know so much so quickly when our first son was only 9 months old. And that is just the beginning. Little did we know five years later we would have a whole much larger challenge on our hands with food allergies in our second son.  I look forward to sharing our journey to finding out multiple allergies and how we adapted to them.




It all started when he was just a newborn and with some skin concerns that I had and wasn’t sure what it was.


More later…


Can’t Keep the House Clean

This seems to be a trend if you have a house with kids (or pets) in them.  We have no pets, but we do have three children and I have a full time outside the home job right now and I seem to find it very frustrating to keep my house clean.  In fact I seem to find myself looking up ways to keep my house clean or reading a book about it before I just dive in and do it.   I would say there are two things that are key in keeping the house clean.

  1. Just do something.  That’s right.  Instead of reading and searching for calendars and plans to clean, just take a look around the house, set the timer for 10 minutes and do something.  If you did that every day, you would probably not have the burden as much as you had before regarding cleaning the house.  I am definitely talking to myself here!
  2. Find what works for you.  Even if you find a good cleaning schedule or if you find a certain routine or thing you read that looks like it works perfect for the person who wrote it or is talking about it, it may not work for you.  So even if you did go through 10 or so different blogs or books or routines, go through them and pick and choose what may work for you and try it.  It may fit in with your family and lifestyle, but if you find it doesn’t work, ditch it.  Simple as that.  Again talking to myself-because I definitely tend to be that perfectionist who wants to make everything fit into my life when really it won’t work at all and I would just be forcing it.

just do something

Give it a try.  Just do something every day even if it is 5 or 10 minutes.  If you are reading for the right kind of routine or program or schedule for you, find what works and ditch the rest!   Two keys that will help to keep you moving forward and not getting stuck and sitting and having a good old pity party.

More later!